Our reality

We were born at the same time than iPad 2 release (the first iPad to integrate a camera) with a clearly defined path: exploring how augmented reality can help companies in its daily basis. This situation turns us into augmented reality seniors and even though technology is improving daily we keep our path to connect real world with digital world. This is only the beginning…


We develop mobile augmented reality project that help our clients to improve their business, making daily actions easier and connecting the real world with the virtual information.


User Experience. The core of our work is the experience that users get when using our Apps, and our main motivation is improving this experience every day.
. All our work has the best quality. We’ll never accept something that is not the best option to solve a problem.
Collaboration. We strongly empower customer relationship with us to create the best product for his business..
Passion. We love what we do, and we enjoy every day working with our projects.
Creativity. We consider free flow of ideas as an important input to reach perfection. Inside and outside our company.
Cutting-edge We are obsessed with knowing everything related with our field to increase our knowledge and to apply this knowledge to our projects.


Augmented reality creates a path between real and virtual world, and this has always been our focus. We strongly believe augmented reality will be part of our bodies in the near future and that data vision and outernet will be part of our daily reality. Every day we imagine how are we going to live in 2, 3 or 10 years to understand the way we can improve our work and our ideas. That’s what we love.